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Latin American and Standard ballroom dancer, professionally competing in Lithuania and Internationally. Multiple time Latin American dance champion, winner of silver medal in 10 dance challenge, participant in semi-finals and prize-winner of European and International championships. Mantas has spent multiple years working with Pro/Am dancers and in 2008 he and his partner became Lithuanian Pro/Am gold medallists. He values responsibility and structure as a pedagogue, fostering respect between colleagues and clients, continuously contributing to a positive environment in the studio.

„I aim to obtain valuable information, to refine and enhance my teaching technique and to touch people’s hearts with dance“.

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Latin American and Standard ballroom dance teacher, Pro/Am coach since 2016. Multiple time finalist and participant in International competitions in the professional’s league (German Open Championship, Northern European closed Championship, D.O. World Dance Sport Cambrils, etc.) Participant in European and Russian Pro/Am championships (Crown Cup, Blackpool Dance Festival ir kt.).

„Numerous championships, workshops with professional internationally leading ballroom dancers and continual enlightenment in the field has allowed me to accumulate priceless experiences, while newly attained knowledge has enabled me to share experiences within the dance world with you!“.

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Professional dancer, Latin American and Standard ballroom coach. She started dancing at the age of five and soon dancing became her ultimate passion. Ieva graduated from the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in dance pedagogy.

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Justinas has spent 16 years living in the rhyme of dance. He attained his knowledge and experience from multiple-time European and International world champions. Justinas offers individual Pro/Am classes and group activities both for beginners and advanced dancers.

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Professional dancer and coach with a decade of experience working with children and adults. One of the first coaches in Lithuania to train and dance Pro/Am. Has participated and choreographed shows for popular Lithuanian TV shows („Šok su manimi” and „Tu gali šokti.”) He is also a licensed Zumba trainer, who obtained his certificate in Norway in 2010. Creator and organiser of social dancing event “Dancing stories” („Šokio istorijos”) and Rolandas performs in Vilnius’ Tango theatre.



Energetic and positive. Argentinian tango, standard and Latin American dance coach, who for the last 10 years has been teaching children and adults. Lithuanian dance championship finalist. Frequently appearing in TV shows, including “Dance with Me” and “Dancing With The Stars”. Since 2018, a dancer at the Vilnius Tango Theatre.



Professional ballroom dancer, with expertise in Latin American and Standard dancing. He began dancing at the age of 6 and with time dancing became an inseparable part of his life. He has gained experience and knowledge from internationally acclaimed champions and coaches. You will always find him smiling and with a positive attitude. Lukas is eager to teach others, learn from every experience and will help you find the dancer in yourself.

“Everyone can dance, all you need is the will to begin”

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